Computational Reproducibility of Molecular Phylogenies

Molecular Biology and Evolution | (In revision)

S. Kumar, K. Tamura, Q. Tao


Evolutionary Sparse Learning Reveals the Shared Genetic Basis of Convergent Traits

| (In review)

J. Allard , S. Sharma , R. Patel , M. Sanderford , K. Tamura , S. Vucetic , G. Gerhard, S. Kumar


Molecular Timetrees using Relaxed Clocks and Uncertain Phylogenies

| (in review)

J. Barba-Montoya, S. Sharma, S. Kumar


Split-Transformer Impute (ST): Genotype Imputation Using a Transformer-Based Model

bioRxiv | (submitted)

M.E. Mowlaei, C. Li, J. Chen, B. Jamialahmadi, S. Kumar, T.R. Rebbeck, X. Shi


Understanding the Evolutionary Landscape of the SARS-COV2 Spike Protein by Integrating Candidate Adaptive Polymorphisms with Protein Dynamics

| (in review)

N. Ose, P. Campitelli, T. Modi, I. Kazan, S. Kumar, B. Ozkan


Balancing selection is common for beneficial alleles in a human population

| (in review)

A. Pivirotto, A. Platt, R. Patel, S. Kumar, J. Hey


The origin of eukaryotes and rise in complexity were synchronous with the rise in oxygen

| (in review)

J. M. Craig, S. Kumar, S. B. Hedges


Bootstrap Confidence for Tumor Evolution Estimates from Bulk Sequencing Data

Frontiers in Bioinformatics | (in press)

J. Huzar, M. Shenoy, M. D. Sanderford, S. Kumar, S. Miura


Protein Dynamics Provide Mechanistic Insights about Epistasis among Common Missense Polymorphisms

Biophysical Journal | 122:1–10

N. J. Ose, P. Campitelli, R. Patel, S. Kumar, S. B. Ozkan


Discovering Research Articles Containing Evolutionary Timetrees by Machine Learning

Bioinformatics | 39:btad035 (7 pp)

M. Stanojevic, J. Andjelkovic, A. Kasprowicz, L.A. Huuki, J. Chao, S.B. Hedges, S. Kumar, Z. Obradovic


Gene Expression Study of Breast Cancer using Welch Satterthwaite t-test, Kaplan-Meier Estimator Plot and Huber Loss Robust Regression Model

Journal of King Saud University - Science | 35:102447 (9 pp)

S. Karim, M.S. Iqbal, N. Ahmad, M.S. Ansari, Z. Mirza, A. Merdad, S. Jastaniah, S. Kumar


R3F: An R Package for Evolutionary Dates, Rates, and Priors using Relative Rate Framework

bioRxiv | (available)

Q. Tao, S. Sharma, K. Tamura, S. Kumar